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Does Prince Harry see King Charles and William as ‘bad guys’ in the royal family?


Royal expert Kinsey Schofield has claimed Prince Harry’s ultimate goal is to make the Royal Family ‘mean characters’ because the Duke feels they have done the same to him and his wife Meghan Markle.

Kinsey, while speaking to UK news Mark Dolan about the claims Harry made about Princess Diana’s death, said: ‘The ultimate goal is to make the royals into bad guys because Harry feels they have does the same for him and Meghan as he previously stated.”

The Duke of Sussex, during his first interview on his memoir ‘Spare’, told ITV’s Tom Brady he felt guilty for not crying publicly, revealing he only cried during a private funeral service.

Harry said: “Everyone knows where they were and what they were doing the night my mum died.”

Ms Schofield shared her thoughts on Harry’s claims, saying: ‘I don’t think in my years of studying Diana’s death I’ve ever heard of anyone telling Harry and William that they couldn’t cry, they weren’t allowed to cry, or they weren’t allowed to react to their mother’s death in any way they wanted.

“Maybe they felt like they couldn’t because the people around them didn’t react that way, but they were never told to behave in a certain way. We don’t never told them not to cry or be upset by their mother. Smiling faces you say are sweet, little boys who seem like they’re trying to be courteous in a very uncomfortable situation.”

Asked if ‘history is being rewritten once more’ amid the Duke’s comments, Schofield replied: ‘I think so. The ultimate goal is to make the royals into villains because Harry feels they did the same to him as they did to Meghan, which he previously stated.

“In the interview series, we keep hearing him say ‘they’re making us the bad guy. So maybe Harry is just trying to change the directions of this role,” the expert added.

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