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Do you want our son to commit suicide too? Sheejan’s mother spoke on the allegations against her son


In a recent press conference, Sheejan’s mother has given a big statement on the continuous allegations against her son. Along with this, he has also made many serious allegations against Tunisha’s mother Vanita Sharma.

Do you want our son to commit suicide too?  Sheejan's mother spoke on the allegations against her son

Television industry’s famous actress Tunisha Sharma (Tunisha Sharma)’s death has shocked everyone. In the suicide case of the actress, now a shocking statement of Sheejan’s mother has come to the fore. In fact, Sheejan’s mother, while replying to the allegations leveled against her son, has said such a thing to Tunisha’s mother that everyone is shocked. Tunisha had committed suicide on December 24, after which the mother of the actress is in deep shock. In this case, Tunisha’s mother Vanita Sharma had made several allegations against Sheejan Khan and his family last week. To which Sheejan’s mother has given the answer.

Sheejan’s family has responded to all the allegations through a press conference on Monday. A voice note allegedly sent by Tunisha Sharma to Sheejan’s mother Kahkshan Faisi was also made available to the media. Please tell that in this voice note, Tunisha is crying calling Sheejan’s mother Amma. This voice note is being told just a few days before Tunisha’s suicide.

Sheejan’s mother has made serious allegations against Tunisha Sharma’s family. Sheejan Khan’s mother said to Tunisha’s mother Vanita Sharma – a girl has gone. Do you want our child to commit suicide as well? Sheejan’s mother, her sisters and lawyers were involved in this press conference. Not only this, while accusing the mother, she said that she used to forcibly make her daughter work, while the girl wanted to roam.

Tunisha’s mother amid serious allegations

In a video shared by Teletalk India, Sheejan’s mother is saying that “She was my daughter. We know how difficult this journey is for me and my family. On one side there was this girl who was very close to us. She was like the youngest child in the family. Maybe she was 20 years old but for me, she was 10 years old. On one side there is the girl child who left us and on the other side there is my son who is innocent and has done nothing.”

Said these things in the press conference

Not only this, he further said that Tunisha’s mother is accusing my son. What do you want Vanita ji? A girl child committed suicide, now the child of another mother should also commit suicide. Has your torture come under your pressure? However, till now Tunisha’s mother has not given any reaction on these allegations and statements. But, now it will be interesting to see what she says on the words of Sheejan’s mother?

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