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Did Meghan Markle the ‘murderer’ put ‘Princess Charlotte’s life in danger?’


Meghan Markle has been accused of deliberately endangering Princess Charlotte’s life in a bizarre story.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, Prince Harry slams the media for starting a nasty story around Meghan Markle’s ‘venomous’ wedding flowers in 2018.

He writes: “Shortly after announcing our trial, I felt energized by a horrific story in the Express. How Meghan Markle’s flowers could have put Princess Charlotte’s life in danger. This latest “scandal” concerned the flower crowns worn by our bridesmaids, more than a year earlier. The wreaths included a few lilies of the valley, which can be poisonous to children. Provided the children eat the lilies. Even then, the reaction would be discomfort, worrying for the parents, but only in the rarest of cases would such a thing be fatal.

Meghan adds: “It doesn’t matter that an official florist put these wreaths together. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t Meg who made this “dangerous decision”. It doesn’t matter that previous royal brides, including Kate and my mother, have also used lily of the valley. Never mind all that. The story of Meghan the murderer was just too good.

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