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Did Abhay Deol demand a 5 star hotel in Dev D? The actor called Anurag Kashyap a liar


Abhay Deol has broken his silence on Anurag Kashyap’s allegations and has called him a liar. They worked together in the film Dev D and it is said that since then there was an ideological difference between the two.

Did Abhay Deol demand a 5 star hotel in Dev D?  The actor called Anurag Kashyap a liar

Abhay Deol Reaction: Abhay Deol is considered one of the most underrated actors of Bollywood. There are very few artists who have given as much effort as he has given in his films. He has mostly got side roles in films but he impressed everyone with his presence even in such roles. He was seen in the film Dev D in the year 2009. He played the role of Modern Devdas in the film and he was also liked in this role. But his talk with the film’s director Anurag Kashyap had deteriorated at that time. In a recent interview, Abhay Deol has recalled those days and talked about how Anurag and his bonding were during the shooting of the film.

Abhay’s reaction on Anurag’s talk

In an interview given to Bollywood Hungama, Abhay disclosed that Anurag publicly said many wrong things about him. He said- Anurag lied about me in front of the public. The first lie he told was that I had demanded a 5 star hotel during the shooting of Dev D. He himself came and told me that I cannot stay with him because I am Deol. That’s why they wanted to make me stay in the hotel. Whereas in the press he said that I had demanded the hotel from my side which is completely wrong.

Abhay called Anurag poisonous

Further Abhay said- ‘I just avoided him. I stay away from toxic people in my life. Life is too short and there is so much to explore. But he is a liar and poisonous too. I would like to warn people in advance. In fact, during the shooting of the film Dev D, Abhay had talked many things about working with Anurag, in which there were also some complaints. Reacting to this, Anurag accused Abhay that he had demanded a 5-star hotel. Abhay’s reaction was on this statement of Anurag Kashyap.

Appeared in a web series based on the Uphaar incident

Abhay Deol made many more revelations about Dev D film. This film gave him fame, recognition and one of the most successful films of the actor’s career. But while working in this film, he got addicted to alcohol, which took him a long time to get rid of. The actor said that he used to drink alcohol everyday like an idiot and used to be intoxicated. The character of that film had dominated him, so many memories of that time are now blurred in his mind. Please tell that he has appeared in the web series Trial by Fire based on the Uphaar Cinema fire incident. This web series has been released on Netflix.

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