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‘Defying’ Prince Harry makes royals look like ‘Game of Thrones’: expert


Prince Harry is fooling the public with his words in the latest interview, an expert has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex, who at a recent meeting told presenter Tom Brady of his UK exit, said he would like his father and brother to return.

Harry said: ‘It was never necessary’, and referred to ‘running away and planting’ before adding: ‘I want a family, not an institution.’

Speaking of the Duke’s ‘provocative’ body language, expert Judi James told the Mirror: ‘In a powerful moment, Harry said two things to Tom: ‘I would like my father back’ and ‘I would like my brother back. .

“But he makes these claims despite behavior that could guarantee it will never happen. The message sounds like a plea but it’s not framed like that.

“When Harry says ‘I would like my father back’, he uses a look and lip purse that makes him sound defiant. When he refers to William, he looks away with a tilt of the head that forms a shrug The two seem to suggest that he is waiting for them to make the moves.

“We are also shown a jerky blink, shrug and nod when he speaks of ‘no desire for reconciliation’, all of which suggest suppressed anger.

“It’s hard to understand Harry’s goals from this clip. He makes the family dynamic feel a lot more like ‘Game of Thrones’ than anything empathetic or accommodating,” she said. concluded.

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