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Could King Charles be forced to abdicate for Prince William?

Could King Charles be forced to abdicate for Prince William?

King Charles will be officially crowned in May and Buckingham Palace has announced plans for coronation week.

Charles automatically became king after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, in September last year.

According to a report from Checklist, for centuries royal succession was determined by household rank. However, this changed with the reign of King James II, who fled the country in 1688.

The British Parliament decided that he abdicated, leaving the throne vacant.

Furthermore, he determined that King James’s daughter Mary and her husband William would ascend the throne as joint rulers and not as sons of the monarch.

He also ruled that not only does the sovereign rule through Parliament, but that Parliament can regulate royal succession.

The deed of establishment therefore confirmed that it was for Parliament to determine the title to the throne.

The report further claims that if King Charles cannot perform his royal duties and Parliament intervenes, another member of the Royal Family could take his place.

Prince William is the first successor to the throne after King Charles.

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