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Cinema Marte Dum Tak Review: ‘A’ Grade Story of B Grade Cinema, Tales of a Lost Era


Arjun Kapoor’s entry in ‘Cinema Marte Dum Tak’ will be a surprise for all. If you want to watch this series, then definitely read this review before that.

Cinema Marte Dum Tak Review: 'A' Grade Story of B Grade Cinema, Tales of a Lost Era

Series: Cinema till death

Cast: J Neelam, Dilip Gulati, Vinod Talwar, Kishan Shah, Sapna Sappu

Producer: Vasan Bala & Sameera Kanwar

Director: Disha Rindani, Zulfi and Kulish Kant Thakur

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

Rating : ****

Presenting a glimpse of the market of famous B and C grade films in the 90s, the most awaited documentary series Cinema Marte Dum Tak has been released on Amazon Prime on Friday. These films, which were the lifeblood of local theaters about two decades ago, have now disappeared in the era of OTT and the Internet. Along with the single theatre, the market worth lakhs of crores of these films has now ended. Amazon Prime’s documentary series Cinema Marte Dum Tak is the story of producers and directors who have spent their entire lives making such films.

Vasan Bala and his team track down four filmmakers who make such B-grade cinema and present their story to the audience.

Know about this series

Do grades matter in cinema? What are pulp movies? Is the glitz and glamor the ‘lewd’ content brought to its makers still palpable? Despite being a successful market of their own, some films were often labeled ‘B’ and ‘C-grade’ cinema. Despite their half-baked script, poor production quality and over-the-top acting, these films used to get houseful in single theaters in UP and many villages. The USP of these films was action, horror, risque dialogues, sexual violence, revenge and obscenity combined with temper tantrums. This business formula, with slight variations, was repeated time and again to attract crowds to single-screen theatres.

The series stars four directors – J Neelam, Vinod Talwar, Dilip Gulati and Kishan Shah – who had worked their magic with several such films in the 90s. On behalf of Prime Video, he is once again asked to make short films of his style. He is once again reduced budget to play the role of director, he is once again challenged to complete this project by forming his own team.


As the show follows these four directors, the audience once again goes back to the 90s with them. Today, these four directors who are lost in the world of oblivion, remember that golden period, today they are living their lives away from the limelight towards a common man, the heroes of the story, the actors who worked with them, remembering their old team Refreshes the memories. In this documentary, it has also been shown how this team is making a film with a budget of Rs 2 lakh in a week. Clips of these films are also being shown in between his interviews.

why see

These are the stories of such films, which we do not like to see, but due to this documentary, some such things are known about this film industry, which we did not know. Sapna Sappu, once known as Sridevi of B-grade film or J Neelam, who now lives with her friends in a rented house. Single theater drowned the dreams of many, who once ruled the regional market. It is said that once upon a time even Subhash Ghai had to think about releasing the film at the time of Kanti Shah’s films. But today this Kanti Shah is living his life alone far away.

why not see

If you do not like watching out of box content, then you can skip this story.

common story of special dreams

Prime Video has done wonders by showing the power to present this unconventional story made on the concept of ‘Cinema Marte Dum Tak’. From Raj Kapoor to Dharmendra, everyone should listen to the story of these directors who dream of working with big names.

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