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Christina Ricci poses in lingerie at 19: “Not great”


Christina Ricci looks back with regret for posing in lingerie on her rolling stone cover at 19.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Christina Ricci spoke about filming the cover of Rolling Stone’s ‘Nice & Naughty’ in 1999 and said, “It’s not how I would have chosen to be dressed, but it really is her time. Not great.”

She continued: “When I was growing up, the second you looked like a teenager, you had to quit. I was very lucky, because [I] coincided with independent films wanting to cast real teenagers to play teenagers.”

According daily mail, The two-time Emmy nominee revealed she “was a bit ad***head” while doing interviews at the time, saying, “I could have handled that in a less teenage way.”

“To this day, Ricci is starting to feel a little more evil about the things I say. And that’s not good for me. I always take it too far. I never realize how awful I am. Until ‘until someone else says, ‘What the fuck?'”

The 43-year-old also opened up about suffering from anorexia for a year as a teenager. “The number of years of trying to make sure no one can criticize you for the way you look…I’ve really embraced this body positivity thing,” Christina said.

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