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Chris Rock ‘ready to move on’ from Will Smith’s slap after Netflix special


Chris Rock reportedly ready to leave Will Smith’s Oscars behind after opening up about it during his Netflix comedy special Chris Rock: Selective outrage.

THE Everybody Hates Chris The star has said ‘everything’ he wanted to say about the controversial incident a year after it rocked the world and is now ‘ready’ to move on.

An insider said entertainment tonight that the comedian thinks “he’s done the right thing since he fell” and can now “relax” that his hard work has paid off.

“Everyone was very happy with how it turned out,” the insider said of the show, before adding that Rock was “in his element and was calm and comfortable on stage”.

The insider said the stand-up gig was a “big deal” for Rock because it was his first time tackling the slap and also it was a live event.

“He said everything he wanted to say,” the source added, “It was funny, self-deprecating and empowering” and now “Chris is ready to move on.”

“Chris thinks his Netflix special was amazing and he feels good,” another insider revealed. “He’s glad he waited to debut on Netflix to such a big audience and finally share his reaction to what happened with Will.”

The outlet further shared, “Chris’ comedian friends have been all supportive, including Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld. His team stands together and agreed Will was off the hook for slapping Chris.”

“They all appreciate the way Chris has handled the situation and feel it helps them all as the comedians should not be attacked or hit. Chris is in a great, happy place. He came out on top and thinks he’s done the right thing since he went down. He is grateful for all the support.”

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