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“Chris Rock is my friend”


Snoop Dogg has responded to Chris Rock’s prickly joke that he’s the “Morgan Freeman of hip hop” during his stand-up on Netflix.

Chris Rock joked about the many mentions of Snoop Dogg in Netflix stand-up comedy and compared him to Morgan Freeman who has his face in ads for Turkish Airlines, Mountain Dew and the Professional Golf Association.

Talk to daily mail, when launching his recent collaboration with online crypto casino Roobe, Snoop Dogg, 51, insisted there were no hard feelings with Chris Rock.

“Chris Rock is my friend,” the hip-hop star began. “He was basically saying how I went from being America’s most wanted person to being America’s cutest?”

“It’s about transformation, growth, development and being ready to embrace change.”

He reiterated: “I say no a lot, I don’t want to castigate anyone and say that I said no to such and such a person, but there are one or two people where it’s not about the money and more association by affiliation.”

THE Deep coverage Rapped added, “If I feel like your family and believe in what you believe in, that’s fine. You support your brand, but there are things in life that don’t suit me. not and I can’t promote everything, so sometimes I have to say no.”

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