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Cheryl asks Simon Cowell for help because she’s ready to adopt a child: Insider

Cheryl asks Simon Cowell for help because she’s ready to adopt a child: Insider

Cheryl is reportedly looking to adopt a baby and has reportedly asked her friend Simon Cowell for help.

The FFight for this love The singer has been open about her wish for more than one child following the birth of a baby boy, Bear Gray Payne, whom she shares with ex Liam Payne.

A source said Magazine closer, “The pandemic has delayed everything for Cheryl. She felt that time was already ticking when she started looking for sperm donors and arranging appointments with specialists.

“Now she has to face the reality that she’s getting older and that’s something she’s come to terms with, which hasn’t been easy.

“If Cheryl could have a baby tomorrow, she would. She feels torn between giving another child everything she’s got — whether it’s adoption or a sperm donor — or giving up.

The outlet revealed that the singer was looking to adopt and had enlisted the help of the music mogul and her other friends who had adopted a baby themselves.

“Cheryl had long discussions about this with close friends, including Simon Cowell, who suggested she talk to Sinitta, who adopted her two children,” the source said.

As for her career, the insider said, “Right now, she’s been busy focusing on her new show and regaining her confidence in the public spotlight.”

“If anyone knows that life doesn’t always go to plan, it’s Cheryl, and she insists that no matter what, she has everything she needs with Bear and always considers herself a the luckiest girl in the world with her son by her side.”

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