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Channel 4 gets ‘full access’ to influencer life

Andrew Tate documentary: Channel 4 has ‘full access’ to influencer’s life

Controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate has given Channel 4 ‘full access’ to his life for a new documentary from the team behind Leaving Neverland.

The former kickboxing world champion, who has garnered millions of followers for his controversial content, is currently under arrest in Romania amid allegations of human trafficking and being part of an organized crime gang , with his brother Tristan.

On Monday, Channel 4 announced it had commissioned a 60-minute documentary about Tate, 36, and chronicling his rise to fame.

The documentary will be directed by Maggie Gaudin and produced by Dan Reed, who directed the Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland.

Reed said: “How Andrew Tate became the most viral influencer on the planet, and what strengths and experiences shaped Tate the man (as opposed to the controversy-seeking media icon) is what we’re trying to discover.”

“Tate has given us full access and we look forward to continued filming if he is released from prison in the coming weeks,” he added.

The currently untitled project will seek out characters from Tate’s personal life, collect “complete footage” of him over the past decade and speak to his legions of supporters, Channel 4 said.

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