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Cardi B completes community service in designer cuts, sparks fan backlash

Cardi B completes community service in designer cuts, sparks fan backlash

Cardi B has completed her community service in some very expensive designer outfits and fans are reacting to her elite taste in fashion.

THE Bodak Yellow the singer stepped out to do her 15 days of community service wearing a Chanel beanie and designer shoes

Cardi B, 30, who was sentenced to 15 days of community service after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges in September, took to Twitter and shared a series of snaps in high-fashion outfits couture that she chose as she showed up for work.

On Thursday, the musician opted for a black and white plaid top and baggy white pants. She paired her look with white painted Maison Margiela Tabi boots, worth $1,190 (£990).

“Community Service…I have to work a lot of hours today and I am very sleepy……..YOU MAKE THE CRIME YOU MAKE THE TIME!!!!!” she wrote in the caption.

On Wednesday, she paired a light pink bomber jacket with black leggings which she paired with another pair of Margiela Tabi boots, this time in pink.

In the photo, Cardi carried a pink Chanel handbag worth $5,595 (£4,650).

Alongside the snap, she urged: ‘On my way to do community service…..DO NOT COMMIT CRIMES!’

In a third tweet shared on Tuesday, Cardi wrote, “Day whatever community service expletive……….Obey the law!!!!”

Cardi’s luxury items are said to cost $9,545 (£7,930) in total, leaving her fans in awe of her outfits, with one person writing, “Not her killing all community service.”

“I kinda like the community service outfit series,” another commented, while a third fan tweeted, “Sis doing community service in Tabi. Truly God’s strongest warrior.”

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