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‘Callous and superficial’ Meghan Markle receives ‘a real blow to the head’


Meghan Markle’s portrayal as an ‘insensitive and superficial’ royal in South Park has been called a ‘real blow to the head’.

These claims were shared by royal commentator and expert, Angela Levin.

His confession came during an appearance on Talk TV where she referenced a moment in South Park where Prince Harry looks deep into his soul to hear “hello” echoing back.

In reference to this, Ms. Levin even went so far as to say, “You realize there’s nothing there.”

Not only that, but “It was an incredible statement, that they consider it to be insensitive, superficial, not caring about anyone else. I think it was a real blow on the head.

Ms Levin also added that she hopes this episode will become a ‘revelation’ for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex so they can ‘change places’.

During the conversation, she also added, “I think they have to be very careful, I hope they learn a lesson that ordinary people can actually make it difficult for them and respond when [other] members of the royal family cannot, in part because of their positions. SO [they’ll] realizing that they’ve actually been pretty mean.

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