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Buckingham Palace “turned into a polling station”


Two supporters of the Republic campaign group put up a polling station sign on the gates of Buckingham Palace – the first in a series of protests against the coronation.

At around 8am this morning, the two campaigners tied the 2m sign to the gates, declaring Buckingham Palace a polling station as part of the campaign’s demand for a public vote on the future of the monarchy.

Speaking on behalf of Republic, Graham Smith said:

“We want to drive home the need for a vote on the future of the monarchy. We should be able to decide, do we want Charles or a choice?”

“Within days, thousands of people have signed a petition calling for a public vote on the monarchy. We expect tens of thousands more to add their names to the petition over the coming weeks.”

“We’re calling on people to put up their own signs at polling places across the country at 6 p.m. every Tuesday. It’s time to get this message across, that people deserve a vote.”

“Republic is planning stunts and protests over the next few weeks and will stage a large protest at the coronation in May.”

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