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Buckingham Palace building replica of Westminster Abbey for coronation rehearsals


As King Charles and Camilla begin training for the upcoming coronation ceremony, a replica of Westminster Abbey has been erected to carry out the rehearsals.

According to a source who told the Mail on Sunday on the “big business” which will require “many steps and many people”.

Royals such as William, Kate, Anne and Edward are also expected to go through grueling training sessions, joined by bishops and altar boys. Additionally, Prince William’s nine-year-old son is also expected to be part of the rehearsals.

According to the sources, the first sessions will take place to ensure everyone knows where to stand and walk.

According The sunPrince Harry and Meghan Markle are also expected to join depending on how they respond to the coronation invitation.

A source told the Mail on Sunday, “It’s a big business. Builders are working on it right now. It will be an exact replica of the raised stage or “theater” that will be built in the Abbey for the coronation of the King and Queen Consort.

“There are a lot of stages and a lot of people participate. The queen has chosen her grandchildren to be pages and the king will choose four young people from her side to act as his pages.

“These young people, along with all the bishops, the archbishop and everyone involved, will have to rehearse away from the public eye and that seemed like the best way to go.

“It also means the Abbey won’t have to close to the public for rehearsals so they can continue to earn income from visitors and not disrupt everyone’s plans.”

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