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BTS’s Jin shares video message for fans ahead of enlistment

BTS’s Jin shares video message for fans ahead of enlistment

BTS’s Jin released a video message for ARMYs that he recorded before compulsory military enlistment.

According to the filing, it was recorded during the filming of the Korean variety showRunner.

In the moving video shared on their YouTube channel Bangtan TV, Jin urged fans to wait for him as he completes his mandatory service which requires 18 months.

In the video, Kim Seok Jin says, “Hi everyone, this is Jin from BTS. I won’t be a civilian when the video comes out. But I’m here on camera, because I wanted to leave you something. thing, even if it’s just leaving a message.

He continued, “Whenever I’m available, I want to share these videos with you guys,” he said midway through filming.

“I may not be by your side, but I’ll pick you up soon, if you just wait a bit.” I come back soon. That’s all for today. Next time I have time, I’ll share another video. That’s all for now,” he concluded with a genuine smile and waved at the camera.

For the uninitiated, Jin is the first member of the BTS group to join military service in December 2022.

Previously, several photos of him from the military camp where he was serving as a trainee had surfaced online.

Recently, Jin was also announced as a unit commander of over 200 soldiers, BTS fans around the world are proud of their idol.

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