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BTS’s Jin makes a special request to fans while he’s in the military

His last pre-recorded video was released on White Day

Jin of K-pop group BTS makes a request to his fans via a pre-recorded video while he was in the military. He started his service a few months ago in December.

Her last pre-recorded video was released during the romantic holiday called White Day. He started by teasing his fans and asking if they were mourning his absence. The video was filmed in his bedroom in Argentina, where he debuted his solo song The astronaut during the concert of the American group Coldplay.

He went on to explain that since his The astronaut the concert performance will already be over by the time the video comes out, he wants his fans to go and watch his performance again.

Fans immediately obeyed and started streaming the performance, mentioning in the comments how they were there after seeing her post.

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