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BTS’s Jimin Talks About Solo Career And Being A Performer

He also talked about his experience working with BIGBANG’s Taeyang.

vogue korea came out with an exclusive interview with Jimin of K-pop group BTS where he talked about his career ambitions and his solo music. He also talked about his experience working with BIGBANG’s Taeyang and his upcoming album.

He then talked about his approach to his work, both dancing and singing: “As a pop artist, I want to excel in both dancing and singing. I also want to perform a diverse range of musical genres and themes instead of sticking to just one type. Of course, I’ve learned over the years that it’s neither healthy nor productive to push myself to be perfect in everything. I want to show the best to my fans, but I also have to take a healthy and sustainable approach.

His first solo album Confront set to be released on March 24 with the music video for its title track Free me, part 2.

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