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BTS’s Jimin shares his thoughts on the band’s hiatus

He also spoke about his ambitions as a performer

Jimin of K-pop group BTS shares his thoughts in an interview with vogue korea about his career, his upcoming album and his band’s hiatus. He also talked about his ambitions as a performer and his approach to work.

Speaking about the new chapter of the K-pop group, he expressed his pride in the accomplishments of the other members, while admitting that he also had some concerns: “Now that we have embarked on these new adventures separately, I can’t. I can help feeling anxious and terrified from time to time. At times like these, I think of the other members of the group and try to find strength in them.

He admitted that they also motivate him to work harder, “Watching the other members of BTS find their calling and try to develop further, I naturally feel inspired and motivated to achieve my own goals as well, until the day where we will all meet again.”

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