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BTS Jimin Makes Stunning Debut At DIOR Fashion Show With J-hope By His Side: Check Out


BTS Jimin made his impressive debut at the DIOR fashion show in Paris after being named its global ambassador, and fellow member J-hope joined in support.

BTS Jimin was the global brand ambassador for DIOR, so he was invited to the fashion show in Paris.

J-Hope was in Paris for Louis Vuitton on January 19. The duo boarded the Korea-France flight together.

According to Koreaboo, J-hope joined Jimin the following day, January 20, at the DIOR show. Jimin and J-Hope sat next to each other in the front row of the show.

The duo were greeted by fans singing along to them, and their wholesome interactions stole the show.

Jimin donned a simple light gray blazer jacket over a beige turtleneck with matching light gray pants,

Meanwhile, J-Hope was also spotted at the event sporting a dark gray ensemble and original chunky high tops, in addition to sporting his signature dark shades with slicked back hair.

Model Naomi Campell also sat next to the duo in the front row and posed with them for the cameras.

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