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Bruce Willis finds a new will to live amid battle with rare brain disorder


Bruce Willis has been determined to stay ‘consistent’ since finding out he was going to be a grandfather amid a battle with aphasia, a rare brain disorder.

The sixth sense star wants to make happy memories with his daughter Rumer Willis’ future child before Aphasia gets the better of him.

An insider knocked down to Speed ​​cameras online that Bruce renewed his will to live after having to take a step back from acting after being diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder.

“He is determined to stay consistent and clear-headed for as long as possible so his grandson can have happy memories of a grandfather who was present and active in his life,” the source said.

“Bruce never backed down from a challenge,” the source added. “He’s determined that this new baby gets the best he has to offer.”

It comes days after an insider said people magazine that Bruce is “happy” after Rumer announces her pregnancy with boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas.

“He’s happy to be a grandfather,” the insider revealed. “He loves having a big family. They all spend Christmas together.”

“Bruce likes not working and having more family time. He likes being with his daughters more,” the source added.

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