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Brooke Shields explains why she talks about being raped in her early 20s

Brooke Shields explains why she talks about being raped in her early 20s

Brooke Shields recently opened up about why she spoke publicly about sexual assault in her early 20s in a new documentary, pretty baby.

In a final interview with The Hollywood ReporterBrooke shared, “It took me many years of therapy to even be able to talk about it.”

Brooke continued, “I certainly worked really hard and learned how to deal with it. And I’ve come to a point, and we’ve come to a point in our society, where we can talk about these things much more openly. I didn’t know I was going to say it.

The blue lagoon The actress has revealed how being a mother forced her to open up about her experience of sexual assault.

“I thought, I got to this place, and I feel as a mother of two young girls that I hope that just by hearing about my incident, I can add myself to becoming a lawyer,” said the 57 year old model. .

She remarked, “Because it’s something that happens every day, and it shouldn’t happen.”

Reflecting on her decision to share her trauma, Brooke felt she had “come to a place where I could talk about it.”

“I wanted to share this story with other men and women who may be struggling or trying to survive this, hoping that at least if I share the incident and the story it helps others resolve everything. what they need to work,” Brooke remarked.

Ultimately, she added: “I hope to be that type of defender.”

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