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Britons back King Charles’ decision to evict Harry from Frogmore Cottage


The majority of Britons have expressed their support for King Charles’ decision to evict Prince Harry from Frogmore Cottage in a poll carried out by Techne for Britain’s Daily Express.

The poll found 68 per cent said they agreed with the King asking his son to leave the Windsor estate.

He said just 16 per cent of respondents said no in the poll of 1,624 UK adults taken from March 8-9. Another 16 percent said they didn’t know.

According to express.co.uk, older people were more likely than their younger counterparts to support Charles’ decision to kick Harry and Meghan out of their UK base.

After evicting Harry from his London home, King Charles invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to attend his coronation.

The couple confirmed they had received an invitation but refrained from confirming whether they would attend the ceremony which takes place in May.

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