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Britney Spears raises concerns by changing her name to ‘River Red’

Britney Spears raises concerns by changing her name to ‘River Red’

Britney Spears has announced that she has changed her name to River Red, leaving many of her fans worried.

The Toxic crooner, 41, who recently shared a video of herself getting a tattoo, took to Instagram on Thursday and broke the news while sharing a photo of Mars.

Spears told her 41.6 million subscribers, “Brilliant one…it’s easy!!! Thank you childhood friend, I found my ball…don’t underestimate the power of the purity !!!

“I see through it all…it’s liquid and it’s wet…it’s playful and it’s got mass!!! I changed my name to River Red!!! Still, the fire is there where it lights up… to watch it and jump in it with no fear at all!!!! Now I have to find my FORK!!!”

Spears fans rushed to the comments section to share their concerns about the pop star. “Red river?? Britney darling, what’s going on,” one fan asked. “So enigmatic,” commented another.

The Criminal The singer also shared several clips of herself wearing a bright red cropped top with the CocaCola logo on it and a matching miniskirt.

Spears also took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday and shut down rumors that her new tattoo was for her ex Justin Timberlake.

She wrote, “Just to clarify…my tattoo had nothing to do with an ex in the past!!!

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