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Britney Spears and Sam Asghari reportedly returned to her Thousand Oaks home

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari reportedly returned to her Thousand Oaks home

Britney Spears returns to her Thousand Oaks home with her husband Sam Asghari as the couple look to sell their $11.8 million mansion in Calabasas, California.

The couple had bought the house shortly after their surprise nuptials in June 2022.

“Britney and Sam are living in her Thousand Oaks home full-time while her new home they purchased is up for sale,” a source close to the couple told HollywoodLife.

The source added: “She always preferred this house and she never really vibed with the new house. It has nothing to do with where her sons are or anything like that.

Britney’s new home is in the same neighborhood as her ex-husband Kevin Federline, where her teenage sons Sean and Jayden live.

“It’s just that Britney feels safe in her home in Thousand Oaks, and she has so many memories there. To her, that house felt like home, and that’s where they currently live,” concluded the initiate.

Thousand Oaks, California
Thousand Oaks, California

According to TMZEarlier this week, Spears listed the property “off the market” for her own privacy, meaning people won’t be able to go see the house. The outlet also reported that Spears is currently reviewing applications and may be looking to sell as early as next month for its $12 million asking price.

She is said to be unhappy with Calabasas because it’s “too big” and doesn’t offer her enough privacy.

Meanwhile, Britney bought her 13,264 square foot Thousand Oaks home in 2015 for $7.4 million and married Sam there.

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