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Bob Odenkirk Opens Up About He’s “Very Anxious” After ‘Better Call Saul’ Hit

Bob Odenkirk Opens Up About He’s “Very Anxious” After ‘Better Call Saul’ Hit

Bob Odenkirk is ready to return to the screens with his new upcoming show Lucky Hank on AMC.

Odenkirk, who shot to fame after playing Saul Goodman on breaking Bad and later he wowed fans with his amazing performance in the spin-off series You better call Saulwill play an English teacher in the upcoming AMC comedy-drama series, which is set to begin airing March 19.

Talk with Today On Friday, host Brooke Boney, Odenkirk said he was “worried” about the “high expectations” fans have of him on the new show after the success of the other two shows.

“I get very, very anxious and pour it into work. Let’s improve it. Let’s ask ourselves what we can do better today,” he said.

“On the other hand, you have to be willing to take risks or you won’t win anything,” the actor continued.

THE Seinfeld The actor further added, “If I sit around waiting for something as wonderful in design as Saul, who came out of Breaking Bad possibly the best series ever, if I’m waiting for this happens again, I will never do another show again.”

Odenkirk star Lucky Hank was produced by the team behind Better call Saul and Breaking Bad.

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