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Blackpink Fans Reportedly Banned From Entering Born Pink Concert Hall

One of the fans was Taiwanese singer Angie Lee

According to several reports, fans of the group Blackpink were not allowed to enter the concert hall despite their tickets. The group is in the middle of its born pink tour and they held a concert in Kaohsiung on March 18.

Shortly after the concert began, reports began to emerge that organizers had oversold tickets and were banning fans from entering. One of the fans was Taiwanese singer Angie Lee.

“Staff on site said my husband and daughter’s tickets were oversold so they blocked them from entering. This is completely ridiculous.

We paid more than two months ago. We spent over TWD$9,000 (about US$300) and bought them directly from the organizer. They told us to pick up the tickets on site, but the staff on site said our tickets were oversold, so there were no tickets for us.

You can’t wait for someone to show up before telling them there’s a problem.

Organizers responded to reports and clarified that no such thing was happening: “Staff on site have confirmed that there are no such things as ‘collect tickets on site’ and ‘ticket overselling’. We can’t find all 50 fans [that were allegedly affected by this incident]. I confirmed to all staff members that no such thing happened. As long as tickets are officially sold out, they can be used to enter the venue.

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