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Bigg Boss Marathi Winner: This actor of Bhakarwadi fame became the winner of Bigg Boss Marathi


In the grand finale of Bigg Boss Marathi, 4 finalists were present along with Rakhi Sawant. This journey of 100 days has ended after the announcement of the name of the winner.

Bigg Boss Marathi Winner: This actor of Bhakarwadi fame became the winner of Bigg Boss Marathi

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4, which started in October 2022, has got its winner. Apoorva Nemalkar, Amrita Dhongde, Akshay Kelkar, in the grand finale of this show which continued for 3 months. Rakhi Sawant And the last match took place between Kiran Mane. In this competition, the show’s host Mahesh Manjrekar declared Akshay Kelkar, who played the lead role in the famous Hindi TV serial Bhakarwadi and Neema Degjonpa, as the winner. Photos of Akshay Kelkar with the trophy are becoming very viral on social media.

Apoorva Nemlekar and Akshay Kelkar were the top 2 contestants in the grand finale. After Mahesh Manjrekar called both of them on the stage, the excitement of this Bigg Boss competition increased further. Earlier, Mahesh Manjrekar had also given a check of 5 lakhs to Akshay as ‘Best Captain’. By defeating Apoorva, Akshay won the Bigg Boss Marathi season 4 trophy.

Watch some videos of Akshay Kelkar here

Akshay got Rs 20 lakh

Let us tell you, along with a check of Rs 5 lakh, Akshay has also received Rs 15.55 lakh and a bumper gift voucher of Rs 10 lakh from a famous jeweler. Akshay’s entire family was present there on this special occasion.

Akshay’s name was discussed from the first day

Akshay, who survived for 100 days in this game, was discussed from the very first day. Along with playing cleverly, Akshay’s name remained in the news for not hurting anyone. His fans of Hindi and Marathi industry are wishing Akshay after this new success.

Quits after taking Rakhi Sawant’s money

As usual, after reaching the finale in Big Boss Marathi, Rakhi Sawant quitted the game with Rs 9 lakh. Rakhi Sawant entered the show as a wild card.

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