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Bigg Boss 16: Who is zero without whom? Archana was reprimanded for her answer


Bigg Boss 16: A lot was seen in Bigg Boss house in Saturday’s war. Many types of questions were asked to the contestants in the show. Where he himself found his answers too heavy.

Bigg Boss 16: Who is zero without whom?  Archana was reprimanded for her answer

Bigg Boss 16: New tasks take place every day in Bigg Boss house and during these tasks what is going on in the hearts of the contestants comes to the fore. Every time on Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan is seen giving classes to the family members. But this time Salman has handed over this responsibility in the hands of two famous journalists. On Saturday’s Vaar, anchor Dibang and well-known producer Sandeep Sikand were seen questioning the contestants on the stage of Bigg Boss.

During this, both the special guests skinned the hair of the contestants. Meanwhile, Salman gave a task to all the contestants. In which they had to tell who in this house is zero without whom. That is, without which contestant, who has no role in this house. In such a situation, Sumbul was called first. Sumbul called Tina decent and zero without Priyanka. He said that Tina does not raise any issue until Priyanka is with her.

After this, Abdu takes Soundarya’s name and says that she is zero without Archana. Then Archana is called. Archana says that MC Stan is zero without Shiv. Archana Aago says that she never abuses. But if you want to learn what is abuse, then learn from MC Stan. He is nothing without his Shiva and nothing without his fans. This answer of Archana also becomes heavy on them.

Interrupting Archana, Sandeep Sikand says that Archana, you do body shaming on someone’s face, it is more scary. Now you said that fan, so today every celebrity is nothing without his fans. So it is better if you do not bring the fans in between. If seen, Archana is the only contestant who has specially shamed Priyanka for her looks and her body. However, no one has been able to escape from Archana’s bitter tongue.

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