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Bigg Boss 16: Tina takes out Shaleen’s arrogance, says- ‘Rein your tongue…’


Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss 16 has now come to its last stop. The finale of the show is going to happen soon. In such a situation, all the contestants are trying their best to win. Meanwhile, once again a lot of fight is going to be seen between Tina and Shaleen.

Bigg Boss 16: Tina takes out Shaleen's arrogance, says- 'Rein your tongue...'

Bigg Boss 16: In Bigg Boss 16, the track of Tina Dutta and Shaleen is going on for the last several days. Earlier both used to feel liking for each other. Now both hate each other. Now it is a game of both or the truth, only they know. But if seen, for the last several days, the whole show is revolving around Tina and Shaleen’s love-hate relationship. On the other hand, users have started getting irritated after seeing Shaleen’s drama. However, according to him, Tina is quite irritating.

Actually, the makers of Colors have shared a new promo of Bigg Boss. In which Shaleen and Shiv have been given a task. It can be seen in the promo that Nimrat asks a question to Shiv and Shaleen that according to you, who is the most irritating. Responding to which Shaleen gives Tina’s name and says that she becomes very irritating at times. Now after hearing this answer, how could Tina remain silent.

Tina gets up from there and tells Shaleen that she needs a chance to bring down the respect of girls. To which Shaleen says that he is not talking to them. Tina also says that she too should not talk to him. But during this, Shaleen uses the word baby for Tina. Hearing this, Tina gets angry and says that baby, go to your house to speak and control your tongue, Shaleen Bhanot.

Hearing these words of Tina, Shaleen quickly goes towards her and says come here, here. After watching this promo, one thing is clear that once again there is going to be a public clash between Tina and Shaleen. The series of fight between Tina and Shaleen has become old now. People are fed up of the quarrels between these two. Let me tell you, it is believed that the grand finale of Bigg Boss is going to happen on February 12. While the show is at its last stop, everyone’s eyes are fixed on the winner of the show.

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