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Bigg Boss 16: Ticket to Finale Week is not easy! Uproar in the house, Priyanka appeared in form


Bigg Boss 16: In the house of Bigg Boss 16, the fierceness is increasing. Ticket to Finale Week is not easy. All the family members are in perfect form. During the task, Priyanka and Shiv had a heated argument.

Bigg Boss 16: Ticket to Finale Week is not easy!  Uproar in the house, Priyanka appeared in form

Bigg Boss 16 Ticket To Finale Week: Bigg Boss 16 is now moving towards the finale. After the departure of Soundarya Sharma from the show, there are now 8 players left. In the latest episode, along with laughter and jokes, heated arguments were also seen. The show begins with Archana shouting loudly while working in the kitchen. When the family members ask what happened, Archana tells that there is a lizard in the house. On the other hand, there is an argument between Nimrit and Tina over the toilet.

The funniest thing in the show is Archana’s forced English speaking. Sitting with Tina and Priyanka, Archana speaks such English that even you will be left laughing. However, during this, Archana also gets into a light argument with Shiva and Shaleen. Archana remains polite as to why you were speaking in the midst of Shiva. Do you want to join the circle?

At the same time, Priyanka is running in full form in the show these days. There is a fierce argument between Shaleen and Priyanka. Priyanka taunts Shaleen, after which Shaleen tells Shiv and Stan that Priyanka is deliberately doing this to them. She wants me to fight. They become very emotional while talking politely.

Bigg Boss gives a task to the housemates in which Priyanka seems very active. However, during this, Priyanka and Shiv have a fierce fight. Both argue with each other during the task, Bigg Boss says that 10 rings will have to be removed to remove Nimrit from captaincy and ticket to finale week. During this, Priyanka says that ticket to finale week is not so easy for anyone. Shiva says that the one with Dadagiri will not do. After this Priyanka tells Shiv that he speaks for girls. Shiv shouts and says that you go on the girls, respect the girls. With this, there is fierce fighting in Bigg Boss house.

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