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Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thackeray gives a befitting reply to Archana, everyone supports Priyanka


Shiv Thackeray is known as a strong contestant in Bigg Boss 16 house. Although Archana has been trying to target Shiva and MC Stan for some time now.

colors tv reality show bigg boss 16 The whole house got a big shock when, while presenting 10 lakhs from the winner’s prize money in front of the family members, it was announced that everyone would have to buy ration from it. Due to the high cost of all the items, Shiv Thackeray deliberately bought very little ration. Because of this attitude of his, Archana Gautam had to face problems.

Actually all the contestants were asked to bring their own trolley and as soon as the buzzer rang, all the contestants had to run and reach the finishing line. The one who enters first goes to the area where the ration was kept to get it. Nimrit was the director of this show and she had the right to take any decision related to the work. First of all, Shalin went to collect his share of ration. Shiv was the next contestant to enter the area and he consulted Nimrit and other contestants and bought the items keeping in mind the needs of all the housemates. But Archana got irritated when Shiv bought coffee. Archana starts making fun of Shiv by saying ‘Is this Marathi Bigg Boss?’

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all supported

Shiva then gave Archana a taste of her own medicine and reprimanded her for cursing others and not working properly. Shalin and Nimrit also took the side of Shiva. Shalin Bhanot also praised Shiva by saying “Irrespective of what anyone says, we know that you have always been giving and you have always distributed your ration equally and you never kept it with yourself And not only these two but also Archana’s friend Soundarya admonished her for her mistake which irked Archana even more! Priyanka also supported Shiv in this whole matter.

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