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Bigg Boss 16: Shaleen got angry in front of Bigg Boss, said- ‘I have to talk to my lawyer..’


Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss 16 is now moving towards the finale. Meanwhile, Shaleen’s spectacle shook the mind of Bigg Boss as well.

Bigg Boss 16: Shaleen got angry in front of Bigg Boss, said- 'I have to talk to my lawyer..'

Bigg Boss 16: Many types of contestants come to Bigg Boss house, everyone’s behavior is also different. But understanding Shaleen Bhanot of Bigg Boss 16 is not in everyone’s mind. Shaleen Bhanot used to sit alone in the show on the previous day. Meanwhile, he repeatedly asks Bigg Boss to talk to him and also asks him to call himself in the confession room.

On Shaleen’s request, Bigg Boss calls Shaleen to the confession room. Wherever he goes, he first asks Bigg Boss whether it is sound proof. To which Bigg Boss says yes. After this, Shaleen vents his anger. Shaleen says, “I want to talk to you off-grid, I am losing my temper, I am going into depression. I don’t know what is happening.” To which Bigg Boss says, “This off-grid is nothing”.

After which Shalin keeps refusing to talk, Bigg Boss also suggests calling a psychiatrist for him but he refuses that too. Shalin says, “This is so stupid, can I have some peace after giving my heart and sweat for four months. I don’t want to talk to any psychiatrist.” During this, Shaleen loses his temper. Even they are not able to speak their words properly.

Bigg Boss tries to pacify Shalin. But because of being polite on air, he hesitates to speak his words openly. Shalin asks, “Do I have any clause when I agree to the extension of the show. Further, in anger, Shaleen says that talk to me off grid, otherwise I will start talking about everyone’s contract. After which Bigg Boss asks what you have to tell.

Shalin says, “I don’t want this to be on the air, I don’t want my anxiety to be on the air. You promise me this offline, then I will start speaking. Please understand where I am coming from. This is difficult. For me to speak in front of so many cameras. Shaleen threatens Bigg Boss saying, “I know everyone’s MG, I know everyone’s contract. Bigg Boss keeps suggesting a psychiatrist to Shaleen again and again. Shaleen starts revealing the contract between Soundarya and Sumbul. He says that Soundarya is earning 1 lakh every week. On which Bigg Boss also asks him to calm down.

After which Shalin says, “You will put all this on telecast and I do not want that”. After which Shalani asks for voluntary exit from Bigg Boss. But at the same time they also say that they should not face any financial problem. The matter does not stop here, after this Shaleen says that he has to talk to his lawyer Rohini. For which Bigg Boss refuses. Shaleen says that he wants to clear some things by meeting him as to what was in his clause. Although after a long time he calms down and says that now I do not want to go out, I will try to stay here.

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