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Bigg Boss 16: Rapper MC Stan will get married after the show? Know what the mother has to say (Tv9 Exclusive)


MC Stan’s mother’s name has come into the limelight after his entry in Bigg Boss 16. She had joined the show to support her son.

Bigg Boss 16: Rapper MC Stan will get married after the show?  Know what the mother has to say (Tv9 Exclusive)

MC Stan, who has made crores of people crazy about him, is not single. Colors TV reality show bigg boss 16 These rappers who entertain everyone in the house are committed in real life. Yes, MC has often been seen talking about his girlfriend Buba inside the house. However, he has not disclosed the real name of his girlfriend. In an exclusive conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh, MC Stan’s mother Wahida also shared interesting things about this love story.

When rapper MC Stan’s mother was asked ‘will she get MC and Booba married after coming out of Bigg Boss house,’ she smiled and said that Booba is a good girl but there is a lot of time for marriage. First the elder brother of MC will get married. Then they can think about the marriage of MC. But they are very happy with this relationship.

Watch video interview of MC Steyn’s mother here

said a big deal about the quarrel

His mother also talked about the fight between MC Steyn and Archana. He said that Archana Gautam had instigated Stan to fight. Archana had also started the quarrel. Also, Archana had said many good and bad things to Stan. Because of which MC Stan also had to quarrel with him. Obviously, when so many women together try to target someone, then how long will Stan not react? Although it has been seen many times in Bigg Boss house too, when many contestants started quarreling, MC Stan used to go and sit in a corner and tried to keep himself away from the quarrels. Because Stan is not used to hearing fights and fights. This was the reason that Stan used to stay away from quarrels and go to his zone.

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