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Bigg Boss 16: Priyanka and Archana play mind games – Abdu Rojik


Abdu Rojik is one of the most famous contestants to join the Bigg Boss 16 house. People gave him a lot of love even on social media.

Bigg Boss 16: Priyanka and Archana play mind games - Abdu Rojik

Voot’s new show Bigg Buzz is made by combining old contestants and new contestants of Bigg Boss. In this show, some questions are asked to the old contestants by calling them on the show. in this show bigg boss 16 Every contestant evicted from the house participates, Sreejita had been a part of this show before. Soon Abdu Rojik will be a part of this show. During this special and interesting conversation with Krishna Abhishek, Abdu is going to make many revelations.

Let us tell you, Abdu Rojik has been a very liked person in Bigg Boss house. Abdu Rozik, who was evicted from Bigg Boss house due to his personal reasons, was invited in Bigg Buzz. Abdu Rozik has termed Priyanka and Archana very clever. Talking about both of them said that they both play a lot of mind games.

Know what Abdu has to say

Abdu believes that “Priyanka knows how to use people very well for her benefit. Earlier he had used Ankit. But when Ankit was out of the house, Priyanka started using me. Priyanka is very selfish. It’s always me and me with them.”

Is Priyanka selfish?

Talking about Archana, Abdu said that “Archana is also very selfish like Priyanka. Understanding the politics of sports very well, Archana uses people for her benefit. To stay in the Bigg Boss house, he took advantage of them by befriending Priyanka first, then Soundarya and then Shreejita. After finding out her meaning, Archana cheated all of them.

Talks on game and nomination

Abdu believes that Archana and Priyanka are only concerned with the game inside Bigg Boss house. She is selfish to such an extent that she does not talk on any subject other than game and nomination. There is no sportsmanship in both of them.

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