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Bigg Boss 16: Mandali’s mastermind Sajid Khan evicted from the house! bid farewell with teary eyes


Bigg Boss 16: The fans of Bigg Boss are going to get a big shock. Not two but three nominations are going to happen this week. Srijita Dey and Abdu Roujik are already out of the house. Now Sajid Khan is also out of the show.

Bigg Boss 16: Mandali's mastermind Sajid Khan evicted from the house!  bid farewell with teary eyes

Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss season 16 is being liked by the people a lot. People are also seen supporting their favorite contestants a lot in the show. Meanwhile, the fans of the show are going to get a big shock. Those who like the troupe very much, their heart will be badly broken by this update. According to the new promo of the show, Sajid Khan is going to be out of the house. Everyone is shocked after this news came to the fore.

In fact, for the last several weeks, nominations were being postponed every time. But because this show has been made in a very different way. That’s why a lot of different things are being seen in it. Already this week, two contestants Srijita J and Abdu Roujik have been evicted from the house. In such a situation, Sajid Khan, the master mind of the troupe, is also going to be homeless. In the promo that surfaced, it can be seen that Bigg Boss gives a special farewell to Sajid.

It can be seen in the promo that Big Boss calls Sajid and talks about his journey and also praises his work. At the same time, Sajid Khan becomes very emotional during this and tells everyone that if he has hurt someone’s heart, then forgive him. Even if Sajid Khan had a fight with everyone in the house. But the news of his departure made everyone’s eyes moist. Everyone looked very disappointed with his departure.

On the other hand, the people of the troupe i.e. Shiv, Nimrit and Sumbul were in bad condition by crying. This promo is quite emotional. If seen, initially many social media users used to pray for Sajid to go out. But after watching this promo everyone has become emotional. The troupe has lost its life due to the departure of Sajid. Earlier, the troupe could not emerge from that pain even before Abdu’s departure. In such a situation, Sajid’s departure is now making him very disappointed.

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