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Bigg Boss 16: Housemates make fun of Shaleen-Tina’s relationship, exposed in front of everyone


Bigg Boss 16 New Year Concert: Monday’s episode in Bigg Boss 16 was quite explosive. Nominations took place in the house and fierce battles also took place. While playing the game, Bigg Boss destroyed Tina and Shaleen’s relationship. Both of them did something that even the family members made fun of their relationship.

Bigg Boss 16: Housemates make fun of Shaleen-Tina's relationship, exposed in front of everyone

Shalin Bhanot And Teena Dutta Relationship: Everyone knows the relationship between Tina and Shaleen in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Both become friends in a moment, enemies in a moment and lovers in a moment, but now Bigg Boss and the family members have started to understand the game of Tina and Shaleen in the house. Bigg Boss exposed the relationship between Shaleen and Tina in front of everyone. In Bigg Boss house on Monday, where on one hand Abdu Rojik exposed Sajid Khan and Co. and expressed his grief, on the other hand MC Stan’s live concert entertained everyone a lot. Meanwhile, nomination task took place in the house. The truth of Tina and Shaleen’s relationship also came to the fore in front of the family members.

There was a live concert on New Year in Bigg Boss 16, in such a situation, Tina and Shaleen Bhanot were cooking Khichdi separately, taking advantage of the crowd and darkness. Whereas before this both were fighting with each other. Tina was crying under the blanket. Archana Gautam and Soundarya Sharma were talking after the concert was over. Both were saying that do you like all this in front of the public? These people have no shame at all. At the same time, Sajid Khan and the people of his circle also call both of them top level frauds. Regarding Tina and Shaleen, Stan says that these people don’t know, they understand the public. On the other hand, Shiv says that he has deliberately hit the ax on his own leg… As soon as the public came, both of them got together. After this Sajid says that all this is to avoid nomination.

Questions on Tina-Shaleen’s relationship While Bigg Boss calls the housemates one by one to the confession room and asks the housemates for their opinion on Shaleen and Tina’s relationship. Nimrit says I do not see any truth in their relationship. Priyanka says that I do not think that this bond will work after going out. Whereas Stan says that after a few years he got this show, so maybe these people are doing this so that they get work. On the other hand, Archana clearly says that she did not want to see Shaleen on New Year and burnt her photo.

Reconciliation between Tina Dutta and Shaleen Let us tell you that Tina and Shaleen had a fight before the concert at home. After which Tina was saying lying near Shaleen’s feet. This party should not be held because in this way they are reconciled. Everything was going well. However, on this point of Tina, Shaleen says that everything was going rotten. Seeing all this between the two, Archana and Soundarya make fun of them.

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