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Bigg Boss 16: Closer relationship between Shiv and Nimrit, new twist in friendship


Bigg Boss 16: A new pair is seen forming in Bigg Boss 16. Shiv and Nimrit’s friendship has started progressing. Last day both were seen coming closer.

Bigg Boss 16: Closer relationship between Shiv and Nimrit, new twist in friendship

Bigg Boss 16: It is bound to raise questions on relationships inside the Bigg Boss house. Then whether it is a relation of friendship or love. On this weekend’s war, where Salman Khan termed Tina and Shaleen’s relationship as fake. At the same time, Archana and MC Stan had a fierce class. After Salman’s rebuke, the names of relationships have started changing in the house. Where Tina has made up her mind to distance herself from Shaleen. At the same time, Shiva and Nimrit are getting closer.

Was also seen in Saturday’s War. When Salman, listening to the things spoken behind his back, asked him to identify who said that. In such a situation, when it was Nimrit’s turn, he had taken the name of Shiva. Although he immediately changed his name. After which it was seen that Shiva was a little angry with him. Although Nimrit was also seen persuading him. Nimrit held a sit-up by holding his ear to persuade Shiva. After which he agrees and hugs Nimrit.

On the other hand, something similar was seen on Sunday as well. Nimrit was seen talking to Shiv about something. Wherein Shiva was seen celebrating him in film style. Nimrit is seen saying to Shiv that why don’t you express your rights the way I claim them, why don’t you speak. To which Shiva says, I remain angry, so you let me remain angry. If you get angry, I celebrate. Can’t you see that? On which Nimrit says sorry and hugs Shiva.

Later, Nimrit is also shown singing a song. She is seen humming the song Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. After seeing all this, it seems that now this friendship is moving forward. But the same users say that Shiv will also be treated like Nimrit Abdu. Some say that this is Nimrit’s new plan to continue appearing in the show.

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