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Big accident happened on the set with Sunny Leone, blood started coming out, there was chaos- Video


Sunny Leone got hurt on the sets of the film. He has shared a video of himself, in which blood is seen coming out of his toe.

Big accident happened on the set with Sunny Leone, blood started coming out, there was chaos- Video

Sunny Leone Latest Video: Actress sunny leone Had an accident with. His toe got hurt, after which a lot of blood started flowing. After the injury, there was chaos on the set. Crew members immediately gave first aid to Sunny Leone, after which the bleeding from her leg stopped.

The video has been shared by Sunny Leone herself. Sunny is looking very scared in the video. Sunny Leone has told in the post that she got this injury during the shooting of the film Quotation Gang. Some people are visible in the video and people’s voices are heard. One of the crew members says that they will have to get a tetanus injection, after which Sunny gets scared and refuses.

Sunny trembled in the name of injection!

In the video, people can be heard saying that the iron has hurt their thumb. In such a situation, people are seen advising to inject tetanus. Although some people can be heard saying that there is no need for it. In the video, Sunny says, “There is so much fear of Covid, now it has happened. What should I do now? Crew members clean the injury site and spray it to stop the bleeding from their thumbs.

people are commenting like this

People are commenting a lot after seeing such a reaction of Sunny Leone on a minor injury. One user commented, “Wow, the color of your blood is also red.” Another user wrote, “Such beautiful girls also get hurt.” One fan wrote, “Lagi aapko hai aur dard mujhe ho raha hai.”

Let us tell you that Sunny Leone had entered the Bollywood world through adult films. He got a lot of fame after being a part of Bigg Boss and since then he never looked back. Sunny has more than 54 million i.e. 54 million followers on Instagram.

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