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Ben Affleck is a member of the hardcore celebrity band Wordle

Ben Affleck is a member of the hardcore celebrity band Wordle

Ben Affleck is a member of a “fiercely competitive” Celebrity Group, the actor revealed in an interview.

Talk to The Hollywood ReporterTHE Justice League The star confessed that he was part of a Wordle league of celebrities with his friends Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper and Jason Bateman.

The 50-year-old mentioned his love of crossword puzzles and puns when speaking about the pandemic.

He explained: “Octordle. It’s just Wordle with more words. Don’t be impressed, it’s not harder. I’ve been invited to join a cool little group of celebrities in red velvet rope. Matt [Damon]is one of them. Jason Bateman and Bradley [Cooper].”

Affleck admitted he got hooked on the game and was humbled by how good everyone else was.

“In fact, Wordle’s first rule is don’t talk about Wordle. Unless you get it in three guesses. I used to compulsively do crossword puzzles in the mornings and I thought I “I was good at puns. And let’s face it, going up against actors is not a high bar. I expected to do pretty well, so I was seriously humiliated,” he said. joked.

“You have to do the Wordle, Quordle and Octordle, and add up your score, then whoever gets the lowest score wins for the day. It’s fierce competition, and there’s a lot of mockery and derision . So I’m in practice.”

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