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Before Anupama-Anuj, these stars have given intimate scenes in TV serials, there was a ruckus after seeing the romance


The famous serial ‘Anupama’ of the small screen is very much discussed at the moment. An intimate scene has been shot in the show which is constantly making headlines. But even before Anupama, bold scenes have been shown in many serials.

Before Anupama-Anuj, these stars have given intimate scenes in TV serials, there was a ruckus after seeing the romance

Famous serial of small screenAnupama‘ These days there is a lot of discussion about some of his scenes. in the show Anuj and Anupama The love between the fans is very much liked. Although both come close for a long time, but they also make distances in time. In such a situation, now the audience is going to see a cozy shot of Anuj-Anupama. In fact, in the serial, Anupama is continuously trying to persuade Anuj. But Anuj is not agreeing. Anupama plans a date to convince Anuj. Where the closeness between the two is in the limelight.

However, even before Anuj-Anupama, intimate scenes have been shot in many big serials. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about his serial. famous tv serial son-in-law So everyone will remember. bold actress in this show Nia Sharma Was the lead actress and Ravi Dubey was the lead actor. In this serial, this pair gave many intimate shots. Apart from this, when ‘Jamai Raja 2.O’ came, this pair was also seen kissing.

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Serial of small screen veteran actress Sakshi Tanwar ‘looks great’ Was famous from house to house. Sakshi and Ram Kapoor’s cozy scene in this serial attracted everyone’s attention. Both had given a lot of intimate scenes. Serial what is this relationship called‘ The closeness between Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan’s favorite couple was very much liked by their fans. The romance of this pair always kept the audience engaged. After the marriage of both of them, romantic scenes were shot in the serial.

Barkha Bisht She is known for her strong acting. The actress is one of the top actresses of the small screen. Barkha made a lot of headlines after watching bold scenes in the serial Naamkarann. His cozy scenes caught everyone’s attention. The name of TV actress Shama Sikander is also included in this list. Shama is very bold even in real life. The actress has also given bold scenes in her serials.

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