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Bad Bunny subtly references Kendall Jenner, shadows her ex Devin Booker in new song

Bad Bunny subtly references Kendall Jenner, shadows her ex Devin Booker in new song

Bad Bunny appears to be sparking a feud with Kendall Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Devin Booker, according to fans, following the release of her new song.

On Friday, rapper Eladio Carrión released his new album titled 3MEN2 KBRN, which included a feature film with Bad Bunny.

In the song, Coco Chanelfans and outlets like Rolling Stone have speculated that the Puerto Rican rapper may have mentioned Jenner and Phoenix Suns NBA player Booker.

The Kardashians alum dated Booker in June 2020, and the couple split in November 2022, reported People.

In a verse on Carrión’s track, Bad Bunny sings in Spanish, “I’m not bad baby, it’s a gimmick / But Puerto Rico’s sun is hotter than Phoenix’s.”

THE High-speed train The star also dropped another clue, mentioning that “Scorpios are dangerous,” which happens to be Jenner’s zodiac sign.

The apparent disagreement caught the attention of Booker, who responded to the track by commenting, “He was worried about another MAN again,” under an Instagram post about the lyrics.

Bad Bunny, 29, and Jenner, 27, have been making headlines since last month when they were spotted at a dinner party.

However, it was unclear if the pair were just having dinner as friends at the time, Booker ditching Jenner on Instagram a few days later, apparently signaling the start of his feud with Me Porto Bonito singer. , reported Page Six.

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