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Bad Bunny receives criticism after mistaken reaction to fan

Bad Bunny receives criticism after mistaken reaction to fan

Bad Bunny fans are divided over the singer’s actions of throwing a fan’s wife overboard while defending his decision.

According to NYPost, the Moscow Mule singer was approached by a fan in the Dominican Republic. Visibly irritated by the woman who slipped in next to him for a selfie, the Grammy winner grabbed her phone and threw it in the water, much to the fan’s chagrin.

The clip went viral and garnered over a million views. However, the 28-year-old defended the actions in a tweet.

“The person who comes to say hello to me, say something to me or just meet me will always receive my attention and respect.

Anyone who comes and puts a ****** phone in my face, I will consider it for what it is, disrespect, and I will treat it the same.”

The Spanish singer’s fans were divided, with some mentioning that the singer overreacted to the phone-throwing behavior.

“I understand he needs his personal space but he can’t be here trying to live a normal life as a big celebrity,” one fan wrote.

“People are going to be all over him,”

“Wow! Him or his reps better buy her another phone,” said another unimpressed viewer.

“No matter what she told him, he has no right to throw away his phone.”

“The bottom line: He can’t just damage people’s property. He could have just walked away from her or called security. Lowkey, he’s starting to lose touch with reality,” a third person railed.

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