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Bad Bunny chooses to speak in English for the first time at the Billboard Power 100 Gala

Bad Bunny chooses to speak in English for the first time at the Billboard Power 100 Gala

Bad Bunny wowed his fans by giving his first-ever speech in English at the Billboard Power 100 event on Thursday.

The Puerto Rican superstar, 28, who made a personal story for himself after giving his first speech in English at a public event, took to the stage to present his longtime manager Noah Assad with a special award.

“I know my man doesn’t like this stuff, this attention, he doesn’t like talk,” Bad Bunny said to a chorus of laughter from the crowd. “Me neither, so I’ll try to be quick.”

“Tonight is a special night, not because my friend Noah wins this award. It’s more because I’m giving my first speech in English,” he joked. “Tonight is a special night because I’m giving a special prize to a very special person.”

After his English introduction, Bad Bunny effortlessly transitioned to speaking Spanish and English as he celebrated Assad’s honor.

“This award means a lot to me, the same way I know my own awards mean a lot to him,” he shared. “This award is proof that I am not working alone. It’s proof that dreams do come true, but never just on your own. It’s always about teamwork, and I know no one works like him.

“I want to thank him for believing in me… for believing in my dreams and ambition,” adding, “Thank you for inspiring me to work harder, dream bigger, and just be a better person. “

Bad Bunny’s speech comes days before the 2023 GRAMMY Awards, where he was nominated for Album of the Year for Un Verano Sin Ti.

The singer made history as it is the very first all-Spanish album to win this honor in the GRAMMYs’ 65-year history.

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