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‘Avatar 2’ creates havoc, surpasses Avengers Endgame to become highest-grossing film in India


Avatar The Way Of Water: The Hollywood film ‘Avatar The Way Of Water’ has set a new record. Even after 3 weeks of the film’s release, it is continuously setting its feet at the box office.

'Avatar 2' creates havoc, surpasses Avengers Endgame to become highest-grossing film in India

It has been more than 3 weeks since the release of the Hollywood film Avatar: The Way of Water. But the intoxication of this film is not taking the name of getting off the heads of the people. The name of ‘Avatar 2’ is on everyone’s tongue. The film is making huge money at the box office. Till now this film of James Cameron has broken many big records. Due to the tremendous success of this film, there is no place for the happiness of the makers and stars.

Within three weeks, this film by James Cameron has set a new record by doing business of more than Rs 12800 crores in the whole world. James Cameron’s film Avatar: The Way of Water has now become the first Hollywood film to become the highest grosser in India. The film has done a business of Rs 373.25 crore including the earnings of the 24th day of its release and the advance booking of the 25th day.

As soon as these figures came to the fore, it was decided that this film has also left behind the Hollywood film Avengers Endgame released 3 years ago. Avengers Endgame earned Rs 372.22 crore in India. From today, the film Avatar The Way of Water has entered the fourth week of its release. Although Monday’s figures are yet to come and Sunday’s initial figures have arrived. According to which the film has earned Rs 8.50 crore on the 24th day.

Let me tell you, the ticket price of Avatar The Way of Water has been reduced. But the film is holding its ground at the box office. People are continuously going and enjoying this film. At the same time, the surprising thing is that even after 25 days of the release of this film, its earnings are continuously increasing in crores. There is not a single day when the figures have reached below one crore. Fans and makers are very happy to see this.

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