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Ashley Greene Reflects on Her Post-Baby Fitness Journey: ‘Rebuilding a Strong Foundation’

Ashley Greene Reflects on Her Post-Baby Fitness Journey: ‘Rebuilding a Strong Foundation’

Dusk Star Ashley Greene recently opened up about her postpartum journey after giving birth to her daughter in September last year.

On Tuesday, the actress took to Instagram and posted a slew of photos as she posed outside surrounded by greenery and trees.

In the snaps, Ashley could be seen wearing high-waisted dark gray leggings and a matching sports bra, as she explained her struggle to lose baby weight through regular exercise.

“I was both elated and humbled when I began my post-baby fitness journey…and every day since then remains the same,” the podcast host wrote.

Ashley, who shares her child with husband Paul Khoury, continued: “I can’t remember a time when I was more frustrated and struggled so much just to get through a workout that I used to do… But I also I can’t remember being prouder of my body and all it has done for me.

Elaborating on her post-baby workout regimen, the actress said, “I am dedicated to working to rebuild a strong foundation. I also dedicate myself to giving myself grace and remaining eternally grateful for the beautiful life my body has graciously helped me create and nurture.

She pointed out that her body “will never be quite the same again and I’m learning to be okay with that.”

Ashley revealed that she had “dove into several fitness routines to challenge different parts of my body”. Additionally, she wanted to give special thanks to The DB Method and her fitness trainer Adam Shwartz, who “have worked with me since the first week postpartum to safely and effectively rebuild my pelvic floor, glutes, and core.” .

The actress also encouraged other “mamas” as she called them “warriors.”

“You are perfect and you have the right to go at your own pace and love every bit of yourself,” the actress said.

At the end, Ashley sent “special thanks” to her husband for being “the best and loving him” “unconditionally.”

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