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Ares Label’s latest photoshoot for MIA KHALIFA, shot at a special location in London


There is good news for Mia Khalifa’s fans. The actress has been roped in for two of her new projects by the Eris label. It includes a photobook exclusively featuring unique and latest pictures of Mia Khalifa. This book is now available on the official website of Ares.

Ares Label's latest photoshoot for MIA KHALIFA, shot at a special location in London

Mia Khalifa Latest Photoshoots: Mia Khalifa has seen many ups and downs in her life. The actress has said goodbye to the porn industry forever and is living her life afresh. She remains quite popular on social media and injures fans with her killer looks. The pictures of the actress remain very viral on social media. Recently Mia Khalifa has got a big success. London based label Eris has roped in Mia Khalifa for one of their new projects. They are part of two new projects from Eris.

Who are these two projects?

She has been roped in for two of Eris’ new projects, the Fall\Winter 2023 campaign and the intimate photo book. It is designed by Johnny Lu. These are two separate projects with one being a brand new preview campaign and the other being Mia Khalifa’s photoshoots. In this, Mia Khalifa has been seen in different poses and outfits and is promoting the brand. X porn stars have been specially featured for the year 2023.

Where have the shoots taken place?

If reports are to be believed, it took several days for these photoshoots. Shot in the seaside town of Whitstable, England, these exclusive photos were captured on camera by longtime Aris collaborator Clare Shilland. In this book you will also get to see pictures from Mia’s house in England. In these photos, you will get to see some glimpses of Mia’s personal life. Along with this, Mia Khalifa has given an interview to London-based activist and writer Deba Hackmatt, in which she has openly talked about aspects of her personal life.

Where can buy this book?

Mia Khalifa has told in the interview that she still struggles a lot because of her identity. Talking about the place of his birth, he said that he feels that he still has the smell of the soil of his country inside him and it reflects in his conduct. They want to be with it forever and never want to lose it. He talked about his attachment with the place of his birth. Let us tell you that if you are interested in Mia Khalifa’s life and you want to know more about her, then you can buy this latest Eris book by visiting the official website of Eris.

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