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Aquaman star warns Sundance of deep sea mining peril

Aquaman star warns Sundance of deep sea mining peril

Park City, USA: He’s best known as the sea-dwelling superhero ‘Aquaman’, but actor Jason Momoa issued a stern and sobering warning on Friday about the dangers of mining in high seas at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Hawaiian-born A-lister narrates “Deep Rising,” a new documentary about the frantic efforts of resource-hungry corporations to extract precious metals from vast swaths of Pacific soil.

Proponents of deep-sea mining claim that nickel and cobalt pellets – used in electric car batteries – can be easily extracted from the seabed, helping to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

But conservation groups and scientists fear it could devastate poorly understood marine systems that play a crucial role in regulating the climate, and some countries have called for bans.

“There were times when I cried and got emotional” while recounting the film, Momoa said, ahead of its world premiere at the Utah festival.

“It’s very important to use your power for good. That’s all I’m passionate about,” added the actor, who took marine biology classes as a student and is an ocean advocate. of the United Nations Environment Programme.

The film takes place behind the scenes as its managing director, Gerard Barron, woos wealthy investors with promises that little harm will be done to “the most barren and desolate part of the planet”, unlike the devastation that ongoing mining is causing rainforests.

But ‘Deep Rising’ director Matthieu Rytz told AFP that “we know so little” about the real risk to the deep ocean.

“Seafloor mining is just a rush, because we don’t have enough science to really understand what’s going on there,” he said. (AFP)

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