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‘Apologise in front..’ Ex-girlfriend Somi Ali again made serious allegations against Salman Khan


Somy Ali Allegation On Somy Ali: Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somy Ali has once again made serious allegations against Shahrukh Khan while sharing a video.

'Apologise in front..' Ex-girlfriend Somi Ali again made serious allegations against Salman Khan

Somy Ali Allegation on Somy Ali: known as bhaijaan of bollywood Salman Khan K has had relations with many actresses till now. One of them was a Bollywood actress. Somi Ali is also of Somi Ali has been in the news continuously for some time now. He had made many serious allegations on Salman Khan like physically abusing him.

Now once again Somi Ali has accused Salman Khan, as well as said that he should come forward and apologise. Somi posted a video on Instagram on Saturday, through which she has said these things about Salman.

Salman Khan accused of banning the show

Through this video, Somi Ali has accused Salman Khan of getting his show closed. Somi Ali said that Salman Khan has stopped her show ‘Flight and Fight’ from Discovery Plus, which was to help those people who have been wronged. Somi Ali also said that if Salman is good with you, it does not mean that he was good with everyone.

Further, Somi Ali said, “I wish that Salman Khan publicly apologized for what he had done to me, verbal, sexual and physical abuse.” Somi Ali further said that she wants Salman Khan to restart her show.

Salman Khan see himself in Aene – Somi Ali

In this video of hers, Somi Ali further said, “Salman Khan should look at himself and ask himself how can he say that he has never abused me. How can you live with yourself knowing that you have done it and keep denying it.”

However, through social media, Somi Ali has been continuously accusing Salman Khan for some time now. According to reports, both of them dated each other from 1991 to 1999. Please tell that Somi Ali has worked in some Bollywood films like ‘Yaar Gaddar’, ‘Krishna Avatar’.

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